The following is a list of business partners, supporters and friends of Plexiware.


Jibe longbards

Jibe Longboards is a Danish start-up created by longboarders. With roots in Copenhagen and inspiration from all over the world especially surf culture, Jibe Longboards build out of passion and dreams. Jibe and Plexiware are helping each other with distribution and promotion of their products in Denmark.


The people behind SugarTrends have traveled the world and have discovered wonderful boutiques and products. Thus they got acquainted with new trends but also with old traditions. The SugarTrends marketplace brings  boutiques, designers and artists from around the world together on a single platform, giving customers the opportunity to acquire special products from different angles and cultures of the world. Sugartrends are selling Plexiware's products all over the world.


Steinboc is a German start-up based in Karlsruhe manufacturing high quality custom designed snowboards.